Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I am sitting here staring at my computer screen. I have been sitting here for 17 minutes exactly. Facebook, my e-mail, Pandora, and my blog are all tabs open on my window. None of these are my homework. None of these are going to help me get anything done tonight. Except my e-mail probably, I missed a due date for a paper by 3 weeks (definitely forgot about that one) so I had to ask if I can still get any credit. I love when that happens. So I'm sitting here listening to music, procrastinating. I have a to do list that flows over one page and on to the back of my blue lined paper. Two history letters, look at Calc homework, run/ab workout, swimsuit poster, put clothes away... Do you know what would be phenomenal? If I loved to do these things. If I loved to every single thing in this world, that I'm lucky enough to be able to do. Like college. So many can't afford it. And here I am, missing due dates and slacking on homework. Or running and people who can't. I am pretty blessed. Maybe someday I will love to sit down and do math problems or write letters to my parents about what life was like in China in the 1700's. Until then, I'll sit here and wish I could do these things:

Go snowboarding.

Go back to the Winnipeg Folk Festival.

Cuddle/Nap with you.

Read books in the bath tub.

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