Saturday, December 18, 2010


I've had this discussion probably 16 times in the last five days, I swear. People are taking the Christ out of Christmas, and with that all of the true meaning of the season. People are losing love and happiness and sharing and joy and so many things that God brings to Toy-R-Us and stress. We shouldn't stress about buying the most expensive gift, or the more outrageous present for someone. We should delight in the joy of being able to give to someone, whether that's a pie in a jar (something I've seen a ton of this Christmas!), or a notebook that you've filled with affirmations and memories and drawings, or a new car. It's not about toys and presents and food- all fun things though. Christmas is about the Son of God being born of a miracle to come and save us. It's so easily over looked. Go back and read that. Read it slowly. Take in every word. See if it hits your heart differently when you spend a few minutes meditating on the thought as opposed to just knowing it. Breathtaking, right? Okay. Well that was a little rant that I needed to go on. I know it's been said 21,342,300 times, yeah it's popular, but I just wanted to say it again. Partly for myself! I got caught up in finding the perfect present this year for everyone on my list. Well I went a little overboard for the first few people on the list and ran out of money for the last. Good thing my brother has been out of the country for six months and misses simple things like good chocolates and eggnog. So here are a few things that I've done for Christmas this year that I'm excited about.

1. For Jesus: Dedicated an hour (minimum!) every morning to reading and praying.

2. For Mom: The perfect shirt for the cowgirl she thinks she is, and the town girl that she really is.

3. For Daddy: The childhood toy that s t o p p e d him in tracks in the mall.

4. For Big Brother: The comforts of home: chocolate, homemade eggnog, and a gift card for a charity!

5. For Big Sister and Husband: A great event in the Cities sans kids with free babysitting!

6. For Niece #1: The niftiest, quickest, homemade ice cream machine ever!

7. For Niece #2: Our little chef got a cupcake baker from Aunt Thea and a cook book from Uncle Dan!

8. For Best Friend: Ah, the creative writer. A Women of the Bible book and another book on how to make your own journals! (They're super great and I'll probably be posting the process and end results later!)

9. For Boy Best Friend: A homemade journal. Ha.

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  1. i havent ever read this! i am now back on blogger =] and just for the record! number 8 loveddddddd the gifts! =] xoxoxoxo love you always