Saturday, December 25, 2010


Ah. I am in a bit of a pickle. Tomorrow night I am supposed to leave home with my three best friends for Kansas City. We're all headed to the One Thing convention there. It's an amazing convention that has quite a few powerful speakers. The kind that offend you, but in a good way. Doesn't sound like a pickle much, right? Well. The pickle part is that Big Brother, Danny, left for Australia in July. He came home on the 19th of December, and is leaving the 2nd of January. We aren't getting back until the 1st, and then I won't see him until June. That means that in the course of 11 months, I will have seen the only person that can make me super happy, super angry, laugh, cry, and confused within seconds, for only 7 days. Seven days out of eleven months. I'll probably need to make a list of pro's and con's.

On another note, my Christmas was super great! I had a really interesting talk with my brother about faith, and my sister gave my whole family matching pajamas. She totally sniped my idea for next year, but I am so okay with that on account of the fact that we all had MATCHING JAMMIES!

Pro's of Kansas City.

1. Road trip with the (3) besties! (If we all get to take one car that is!)

2. Life changing time with God. (Major points here.)

3. I've never been to Kansas City before!

Pro's of staying home.

1. Spend an extra seven days with Big Brother and Ma and Pa.

2. Go to Big Sky, with some great people (one bestie!), after Big Brother leaves.

3. Relax at home before the hustle and bustle of school starts again.

4. Have time to make journals!

Ahh. I can't decide right now. This will definitely take more prayer, but I only have until tomorrow afternoon! Well. Wish me luck.

Big Sister, Karrie, and her family. And yes, this is one of those pictures that is exactly what the family is like in real life. Spicy Niece #2, Kiera, is always the show-stealer.

Big Sister, Karrie and me in front of the tree after church on Christmas Eve.

All of the girls in our matching jammies. Please excuse the fact that I slept in mine and just rolled out of bed forty seconds before this picture was taken. I am not a morning person.

All of the boys in their matching jams. I hate that they get to look better in the morning. Especially my daddy in the middle!

Fail one up top, and takes one and two for the real deal down below.

Merry Christmas!

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